Since the internet has been around, the ability to do business worldwide has become easier and easier. Many companies have popped up and taken advantage of the explosion in what the internet is capable of.

One such company that has really made it’s name through the internet is VistaPrint. ┬áThe company is simply a company which prints promotional material and provides marketing services yet it is exceeded 1 billion in revenue in 2012.

The company started off in Paris in 1995 by it’s serving President and CEO, Robert Keane. In 2000, Keane moved the company to the US where it made it’s home in Massachusetts. The company started by only printing business cards however started to move into other products including postcards and letterheads. The company made losses for many years and only started turning a profit in 2001.

From there, the company has exploded with an expansion world wide and has seen growth year on year of between 50-60%.

Vistaprint is now one of the most successful companies in the world of printing and promotional materials.